A fun way to check your horoscope

We designed an app that lets users quickly check their horoscope, star sign’s qualities and compatibility with other signs.

The horoscopes are delivered in quick easy to understand images and short phrases, to make checking your horoscope quick and simple!

Research & design


We conducted research into the app’s target market and competitors. This helped   us gain valuable insights into what users loved and what they were missing from similar apps.

For Zodiacs, we discovered that the general problem with horoscope apps is that they’re too wordy. We aimed to make the horoscopes quick to read and a pleasure to look at.

User Flows

Flows & wireframes

We defined the main flow through the app screens and the journey each user would take to complete a task through the barebones User Flows.

Then, we moved on to the Wireframes. The wireframes are more detailed than the flows and show where each element will go. This is the stage where we play around with the layout and figure out how to best set up the app to optimize conversion rates.

Final designs

After the wireframes, we formed and polished the visual style of the app. We created delightful graphics, picked out the perfect color scheme, and made sure the overall app appearance was cohesive.

We decided to represent the user’s horoscope with simple graphics and charts. This way it would please the eye and get information across quickly. Many people read their horoscope during small daily tasks like drinking coffee in the morning, and so don’t want it to take up too much time. Finding the perfect graphics was very important, along with the dark and mystical yet playful color scheme.


But the app wasn’t done yet! After the main UI is complete, we always offer to create the app logo, App Store screenshots and any post-release work.


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