Our process

In order to design a stunning app that exceeds expectations, we follow a simple process to identify your app’s goals and your customers’ pain points.

Keep reading to learn how we do it.

1 Research

This is where we’ll conduct research into your target market and competitors. We’ll identify your app’s goals and opportunities to make a mark within its niche.

We’ll create user personas which will let you empathise with your target user and view the app from their perspective.

User Flows

2 User flows

The user flows will define the screens and features of your app and how they all come together.

Each task your user might complete will be separated into its own flow, so you can see the path the user would take to get to a specific goal or complete an action.

3 Wireframes

Wireframes are more detailed user flows. They define the layout of the app, where each element will go and how each action and screen is connected.

You can view them as the blueprint of your app!

App Mockups

4 Mockups
& prototypes

This is the stage where we apply color, typography and other visual design elements to bring your app to life.

After the mockups are complete, we’ll put them together into a prototype which you can tap through on your phone and see how the app will function!

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