A gamified therapy app

We designed an app that helps users overcome stress and anxiety by turning their worries into a fun game.

By gamifying therapy, users can complete quests, win rewards and battle their way to confidence!

Research & design


We conducted research into the app’s target market and competitors. This helped   us gain valuable insights into what users loved and what they were missing from similar apps.

For Merrier, we discovered that many mental health apps aren’t cheery enough, or don’t provide enough motivation for users to keep using them. So, we decided to combine CBT (a highly effective treatment for anxiety) and gamification to create the ultimate mental health app.

User Flows

Flows & wireframes

We defined the main flow through the app screens and the journey each user would take to complete a task through the barebones User Flows.

Then, we moved on to the Wireframes. The wireframes are more detailed than the flows and show where each element will go. This is the stage where we play around with the layout and figure out how to best set up the app to optimize conversion rates.

Final designs

After the wireframes, we formed and polished the visual style of the app. We created delightful graphics, picked out the perfect color scheme, and made sure the overall app appearance was cohesive.

As the goal with Merrier was to create a game, we made sure to make the app bright, inviting and happy.


But the app wasn’t done yet! After the main UI is complete, we always offer to create the app logo, App Store screenshots and any post-release work.


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